Dandelion Tidbits

More tidbits on Taraxacum officinale (dandelions)

-It is a mild herbal bitter, and bitters are known to stimulate appetite. They stimulate the release of digestive juices, and that helps with constipation. Dandelion roots are a digestive tonic and laxative.

-It is an hepatic and cholagogue herb, which means it benefits the liver and the secretion and production of bile by the gallbladder - important for digestion and assimilation.

- It has hypoglycemic agents that help regulate pancreatic hormones.

- It contains Inulins, which have antitumor, antimicrobial, hypolipidemic and antiosteoporotic (it helps improve mineral absorption and balance) properties.

- It is classified as a mild antirheumatic herb.

- The roots aid with digestion while the leaves are more diuretic in nature.

- Hepatic herbs often aid in cleansing skin problems.

- It is Taraxacin, and that gives it it’s bitter taste.

- Dandelion root has been used as a coffee substitute.

- Dandelion wine is made from the flower petals and is described as a light and sweet. It can be made into a sparkling wine.

- Dandelion Wine is a semi autobiographical novel by Ray Bradbury (1957), in which dandelion wine is a metaphor for packing all the joys of summer into a single bottle.