Reiki is a healing that allows ‘ki’ - the essential cosmic energy - to flow through the practitioner and into the client. Japanese Buddhist Mikao Usui stated "Reiki is a method of freeing the body and mind and live life in peace and joy. "

Reiki, sometimes called “palm healing” is done without any direct physical contact, and is directed by the ki itself, not the practitioner. The practitioner is merely ‘attuned’ or aligned with energy.

Many people report the reiki greatly reduces sensations of pain or discomfort, and induces a calm and tranquil state, not unlike many pleasant meditative states. It is helpful for both chronic and acute conditions, and will work for those who are unaware - or even disbelieving - of its benefits. Reiki is also very good for minor discomforts that are not associated with any illness, or simply as a means of helping you to feel more relaxed and “in tune” with yourself.

Reiki services are available alone or in conjunction with any other services.