Massage Modalities

Swedish: This is performed on a table or chair, and uses a combination of Western massage techniques that works with a number of systems within the body in order to relax, taking away stress, relieve pain, increase circulation and breathing, and promote physical and mental wellbeing. I include stone and aromatherapy with essential oils tailored specifically to the client’s needs at the time.

Myofascial Massage: This massage focuses on the fibrous connective tissue of the body, both superficial and deep tissue. Techniques are used to release fascial adhesions that can cause limited mobility, postural distortions and pain. Trigger point therapy is often incorporated, deactivating the trigger points and relieving pain. Typically this massage is performed to address a specific area that may have suffered a sports or occupational injury resulting from repetitive use of same set of muscles.

Acupressure: Performed on a table based upon Chinese Medicine. I can assess the energy pathways along the meridians and locate key acupoints along the body. I use acupressure techniques that can tonify and strengthen weakness and disperse blockages through the channels.

Tui Na Massage: Based on traditional Chinese Medicine. Using Meridian theory, this massage uses a more vigorous push/pull technique to disperse blockages and increase energy flow.

Acupressure Massage Integration (AMI): Is the combination of Western/Swedish massage with the Eastern Traditional Chinese Medicine. This is a wonderful way to get introduced to acupressure generally, addressing one main area of concern, such as lower back pain, migraines, sinus, digestive issues.

Reflexology: Foot and hand reflexology can be received either sitting or laying down. Compression techniques are applied to the foot and/or hand which cause reflex activity within the body. This massage helps the body to normalize and return to homeostasis in a very gentle and yet profound way in a short amount of time Extremely helpful when a full body massage is not possible.

Thai Yoga Massage: Is an ancient healing massage with origins in Ayurvedic methods of healing. This massage addresses the mental, physical and spiritual imbalances that can be manifested in the form of disease, discomfort and emotional problems. With this massage I work the Sen energy lines of the body that are connected to Marma points. Through a gentle stretching and massaging techniques the body releases tension and stiffness, making the entire body more limber and opening the body so that the energy flows more easily and thus alleviating problematic conditions such as lower back pain, arthritis, headaches, digestive difficulties, menstrual problems, and stress related conditions. It generates and restores your own body’s energy in a very gentle yet very spacious way. It’s a wonderful introduction to an Eastern massage.
Thai is typically performed on floor mats, and the client wears loose-fitting clothing.

Shiatsu: a Japanese bodywork therapy based upon Traditional Chinese Medicine, applying pressure (finger, hand, knee, elbow) along the tsubos following the meridian channels. The ki is stimulated, the muscles are stretched and there is gentle joint mobilization around the tsubos. This massage restores and balances energy, relaxes mind & body, eases tension & stiffness, heals and enhances wellbeing.

Massage therapy and reflexology sessions can be booked in Manhattan, or in Sea Cliff, Long Island. The fee is $100 per 70 minute session, $125 for 90 minutes.

Multisession Discount: Buy a package of three massage sessions and save 10%! (not valid for reflexology).

Gift Certificates are available!

Reflexology: $35 for 30 minutes, $65 for 60 minutes.

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